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Women's Health Workshop | Naturally Better Periods

Womens Heath Workshop | Naturally better periods2 EV.jpg
Join us for a women's health workshop with herbalist Natasha Richardson of Forage Botanicals.  Discover the power of your natural cycle, the ebb and flow of female hormones and how to have a happier period. 

During this workshop Natasha will teach you:

  • how to observe your cycle
  • how to enhance your daily activities within your cycle
  • how to use your senses to connect with your body
  • how stress effects your hormones
  • how to relieve simple period complaints
  • how to make natural bath salt

You'll spend the morning enjoying different preparations of sweet floral herbs, eating raw chocolate and connecting with your body. And you'll concoct a vital element for one of her favourite pre-menstrual rituals; bath salts. Nourish your mind and unravel your body with a tub of naturally scented epsom salts made by you.

After many years suffering with period pain Natasha learnt how self-care could improve her periods and transform her life. She has been teaching about period wellbeing and natural answers for period problems since. 

Natasha, founder of Forage Botanicals, is a trained herbalist specialising in womens health.

You can discover more about Natasha here & here