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Write Yourself Home With Sas Petherick

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You can create a home within yourself.
When your home is a feeling and not a place, comfort, safety, acceptance and belonging are always available to you .

Join Sas Petherick for day of self-reflection, conversation and connection.

Write Yourself Home is a powerful and fun process that will help you listen to your wise self, away from the needs, demands and expectations of others. 

We’ll explore how to create an internal sense of sanctuary and centeredness within you, and how to carry this into your life, work and relationships.

This workshop is best for anyone who is curious about knowing themselves in a deeper way, who wants to begin the new year with intention, and who is interested in connecting with like-minded conscious people. You do not need to be a writer at all

During the day we’ll explore:

   How to slow down and listen to yourself.
   How to connect to your emotional truth through writing
   A simple practical process for reflecting on the patterns in your life
   How to honour your needs within relationships
   What ‘home’ means to you and how to return there anytime.

Delicious breakfast pastries, a wholesome vegetarian lunch and all workshop materials are provided

Sas Petherick is an in-demand coach, writer and facilitator. Sas has an MA in Coaching and Mentoring from Oxford Brookes University and her dissertation was a study into self-doubt. She has also trained with the centre for Narrative Coaching, the Coaches Training Institute and Dr Martha Beck

Find out more about Sas here & here