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Workshop | Fermentation Fundamentals with Fodder & Plonk

Gut health is a topic that's becoming hard to ignore, but do you know what it's all about and how you can take care of yours? Join Alana from Fodder & Plonk to learn just that, in the most delicious way possible… through food!

Fermentation Fundamentals is a hands-on workshop where you'll learn to make your own sauerkraut, kimchi and a range of traditionally pickled (lacto-fermented) vegetables, using various herbs and spices to create a bespoke flavour profile.

The workshop includes: 
- An overview of fermented foods and their history.
- A discussion on gut health: how to achieve a healthy gut and how a healthy gut supports a healthy body.
- Sample a range of fermented vegetables.
- Jar sterilisation techniques.
- Hands on: create your own vegetable ferments.
- Learn how to care for your fermented vegetables.
- Learn how to include fermented foods into your daily diet.
- Q & A

- A lunch which you will help to prepare.

- Take home what you've made: 3jars of delicious, gut loving fermented vegetables.

- A take-home booklet including three gut-loving recipes.

Fodder + Plonk was founded in 2011 by Alana Holloway and represents everything that is health and wellbeing. Through Fodder + Plonk, Alana helps people take charge of their health by teaching them how to take care of their gut.

Alana shares delicious, healthy recipes as well as complimentary lifestyle focused articles on her blog,  She teaches the fundamentals of fermentation and gut health in private settings, at workshops and at events. You can find Alana here and here