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Creative Business | How to find your brand voice with Bethany Joy

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Do you use words to tell people about your business? Then this workshop is for you!

Whether it’s on your website, in an email or blog, on a flyer, or in a Facebook post, your writing is communicating something about who your company is – and it’s not just about what you say, but how you say it. Ultimately the way you talk to your customers or clients is often the deciding factor for whether or not people will buy into what you’re selling.

Join copywriter and brand voice developer Bethany Joy as she walks you through how to make your marketing stand out in a busy world. Merrily throwing business speak jargon and tired communications clichés out of the window, keeping things simple and fun, she’ll be offering you a practical guide to shaping the language your business uses so that through it people get a better sense of who you are and what you have to offer – and actually want to engage with you.

You’ll leave with:

New inspiration and understanding about the power of language and how it can make or break your business

A simple but clearly defined brand voice for your business, that is both compelling and unique

 Some mini guidelines to help you consistently write in a way that brings that voice to life

“Well-presented, fascinating and hugely practical - every business should be thinking about this stuff.”

“Beth’s workshop was super engaging and informative, yet with a relaxed and friendly environment – I learnt a lot!”

“This session really opened my eyes and made me look at our company’s language in a completely new light. It’s made me realise how much needs to change, but in an encouraging way that’s also shown me what the positive opportunities are.”

About Bethany Joy

A brand voice crafter and wordsmith extraordinaire, Beth helps passionate people with big ideas find the words they need to get got! She began her working life in charity communications just over a decade ago, before moving on to comms and brand consultancy and then copywriting for a creative agency. Beth now puts bread (and bacon, always bacon) on the table by helping organisations find a writing style and voice that truly shows the passion and personality of their business, as well as creating gettable and irresistible copy for their websites, campaigns, blogs, and marketing materials. You can check her out at