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Slow Sunday | Yoga & Harp

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Join wellbeing harpist Tracy Jane Sullivan and Bristol based yoga teacher Emma Twydell as they gently guide you through a 90 minute journey of musical and yogic bliss. This magical combination of live music, slow flow, yin and restorative yoga is a deeply nurturing and truly unique experience. Book early to be part of the first event of its kind offered here in Bristol.

This class has been carefully crafted to encourage a deeper sense of connection, relaxation and wellbeing for students of all abilities so expect to leave feeling fully nurtured and very much ready for a peaceful nights sleep. Beginners welcomed and encouraged, and for the more advanced yogis there will always be options to deepen any pose.

Why Live Harp Music & Yoga?

Just as yoga can provide healing for both body and mind, research suggests that listening to live harp music can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, balance blood pressure, promote feelings of wellbeing and improve your sleep.

Therefore, woven together, live harp music and yoga become a powerful synergistic blend. A beautiful tonic to soothe mind, body and spirit.

During class the pure sounds of the harp will encourage deeper exploration of each posture and each breath, helping to focus your attention inwards, relax and let go....

About Harpist Tracy Jane Sullivan

Tracy Jane Sullivan is a Brighton based harpist specialising in Health and Wellbeing and works internationally with a variety of yoga teachers and therapists.

Studying with world-renowned harpists Dr Diana Rowan and Deborah Henson-Conant, Tracy has developed a gift for intuitive improvisation - characterised mainly by Celtic, African and Middle Eastern influences.

A keen yogi herself, Tracy is passionate about music and yoga and wants to help people feel healthy, happy, healed and connected. Yoga can do this. So can harp. However, she believes they can do it better together.

Find out more about Tracy Jane here and here

About Yoga Teacher Emma Twydell

Having taught trained and taught for several years in the Cayman Islands, Emma Twydell is now Bristol based and is both a registered Yoga teacher and facilitator of the Embody Love Movement™. Emma specialises in Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga, combined with Myofascial Release Techniques, and believes in the transformational power of a regular yoga practice for a healthy body and mind. Her classes are inclusive and down to earth, offering a welcoming space for all students to explore their own yoga path and to leave feeling nourished, connected, fearless and uplifted.

Find out more about Emma here

Photo credit: Alessandro Sigismondi, courtesy of Berlin Yoga conference