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Creative Workshop | Autumn Styling & Photography with Carole Poirot


Do you wish you could style your photos and capture them in a way that shows off the details, textures and colours? Do you want to discover ways to bring story into your images using props, colours & textures ? 

Join photographer & stylist and blogger Carole Poirot for a day at the Forge who will share all about how to create beautiful styled photographs. Ideal for all those working in creative fields and wanting to develop or expand their photography, styling & visual story telling skills.

Taking inspiration from art and paintings as well as looking at the basics of composition and how to create a visual story, the day will be very hands-on with styling and photography. There will also be an introduction to basic camera settings so that you will be able to take the best possible pictures of your styled setups. As always, there will also be a cake and the styling of its story. 

Please make sure you bring your camera. We provide all materials and props though if there are favourite items you would like to include in your images, feel free to bring those.

Carole was born in France, raised in Germany, and now live's in London where she works as a freelance stylist and photographer and documents her creative life on her blog Mademoiselle Poirot. She worked her way up through blogging to working with clients such as Le Creuset, Richard Corrigan, Alpro and The National Portrait Gallery. She loves styling an image, creating a mood within a scene as much as she loves capturing the details in food and interiors photography. 

You can find Carole on instagram here & on her website here

As with all our workshops, the day is not just about learning but a chance to spend invaluable time with like minded people and get to know each other. A delicious Autumn lunch will be served.