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Launch | Emma's Vitality

Emma's Vitality Launch Porridge with Berries EV-1.jpg
Join us for the UK launch of Emma's Vitality. A special cooking event, where recipes will be showcased from nutritionist, chef & author Emma Ellice- Flint's Vitality Programme.

Emma will talk about hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory eating - how choosing whole foods loaded with the essential nutrients, antioxidants, phytonutrients and minerals can help to decrease inflammation and balance hormones in the body. How we rely on short-term inflammation to protect our body e.g when we fall over, have a cold or break a bone. But when inflammation becomes ongoing (chronic) we are staring down the face of a multitude of illnesses and an unbalanced body. We might often feel a lack of energy, increasing weight gain, aches and mood swings. Poor food choices and excess saturated fats, alcohol, sugar and preservatives can all drive up inflammation in the body. 

A hormone balancing, anti-inflammatory diet focuses on the body’s natural detoxification pathways to eliminate toxins which cause the imbalance and fire the inflammation... basically it’s all about trying to get rid of the bad stuff and support the good stuff.

The evening's schedule:

  • The evening commences with a kombucha spritz, or a herbal tea from local tea company, Joes Teas, or a glass of organic wine from local wine merchants, More Wine On Tap.

  • Emma talks about hormone balance and inflammation in the body, what it's doing, how it affects your health and mood. She Discusses foods that create this imbalance and inflammation, and foods that reduce it.

  • Emma takes those hormone balancing foods and shows you dishes from her Vitality Programme made using those ingredients:

  • All-Things-Green Smoothie

  • Miso Mushroom Porridge

  • Avocado, Basil and Beans with Hot Smoked Salmon

  • Shaved Slaw with Toasted Seeds and Chickpeas

  • Plus you get to eat them!

  • There'll be plenty of opportunity to ask Emma questions about health and her Vitality Programme

ps - the cost of your ticket is redeemable against purchase of The Vitality Programme. The discount code will be emailed out to you after the event.

Find out more about Emma's vitality here & here