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Wellbeing | Eating For Gut Health And Mood Balance

Bristol wellbeing event : Eating For Gut Health And Mood Balance

Perhaps you woke up one morning wondering where the person you used to be had gone? You used to have plenty of energy, had an upbeat outlook on life, a healthy weight and felt refreshed when you woke up? These can all potential be symptoms caused by hormone imbalance.

What we feed our bodies is important, no matter what our hormones are doing and simple changes to what you eat can have big effects on your well being.

Join nutritionist & chef Emma Ellice-Flint for an evenings cooking demonstration and learn about foods that can help with hormone balance.There will be generous samples of the dishes to try and a Q&A to hear all Emma’s nutritional wisdom!

Emma, a qualified nutritionist and chef, is over from Sydney where she has a Nutrition clinic. Emma works with people of all ages who are dealing with hormonal issues. She has written many nutritious recipes in response to her client’s needs, conditions and requests, including a cookbook dedicated to eating for female hormone balance.

You can learn more about Emma here

This is a positive eating event discovering the amazing benefits of good nutritious food. It is not about restrictive eating.