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Creative Business | Marketing for makers through storytelling

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Storytelling is as old as the hills, but recently it has become a marketing buzzword, why?  Because in our digitally crowded lives, crafting a really good story can cut through all the noise to emotionally connect you and your products with your customers.  In today’s world, people need to buy into you before they will buy from you, but how do you build that magic ‘know-like-want' loop?  

This workshop will show you how to use storytelling techniques on your website, social media and in press-releases to communicate your brand and increase sales.  Led by PR and marketing practitioner Gina Channell, the practical exercises will help you to explore what makes your creative business special and you’ll leave with a step-by-step communication action plan. It’s great for established designers who want to refresh their thinking and new makers who are starting to create their brand. 

What you will learn:

How to define your maker story 

How to use visual storytelling techniques to create a brand identity

How to increase engagement on social media

How to find your tribe and market to them 

How to use storytelling to catch the eye of journalists

Gina Channell worked in PR for national brands for twenty years and now specialises in PR and marketing for designer-makers.  This workshop will be full of tips and tricks gleaned from her on-going work with magazine editors, influencers, marketeers and buyers. 

Find out more about Gina here

Makers Say: 

"I came away from our marketing session feeling armed with new industry insight, a clearer idea of where energy should be focused, and how to effectively tell our story to help engage new clients.  I’d definitely recommend Gina’s marketing workshop to any designer-makers looking to crystallise their thinking”.  

Andy King, King & Webbon.