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Live at the Forge | Jim Blomfield Trio

Live at the Forge | The Jim Blomfield Trio

Playing live at the Forge we are delighted to welcome the Jim Blomfield Trio. Their music, at times delicate and atmospheric, at others intricate and intense, will engage the listener in a fascinating musical journey with evocative melodies, driving rhythms, rich harmonies, adventurous solo and group improvisations and tight, complex ensemble writing. The latest trio album ‘Strange Beauty (Every Way OK)’ introduces electronic and synthesiser elements into the piano trio format, drawing upon influences arising from electronica, rock and prog-rock as much as it does from the jazz legacy. Jim Blomfield (piano/keyboards), Roshan ‘Tosh’ Wijetunge (bass) and Mark Whitlam (drums) are three individual voices whose past collaborations read like a who’s-who of the UK jazz scene. The dynamic level of organic interplay evident in realising Jim's original and intricate contemporary compositions is testament to an experienced trio who know each other’s playing intimately - a quality that has also been so compelling and captivating both on record and for audiences during their live performances.

“For fans of current post-EST piano trio jazz who might be looking for that little bit extra from a now heavily subscribed format, Jim Blomfield could well be the answer” (Selwyn Harris – Jazzwise magazine)

“(Jim’s) music is clever, dynamic, surprising, and quite dazzling.” (Peter Vacher - London Jazz News)

“With its blend of acoustic and electronic sounds the music on “Strange Beauty” invites comparisons with the work of such forward looking contemporary piano trios as e.s.t., the Neil Cowley Trio, The Bad Plus and GoGo Penguin. Fans of any of these bands is likely to find much to enjoy here”. (Ian Mann -

“A thoroughly enjoyable gig, put aside any pre or misconceptions about what you think a piano trio can do or sound like. Here is the new real deal and they need to be seen live to be fully experienced” (