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Photography | From auto to manual, DSLR photography for beginners

Would you like to improve your photography skills and learn how to create beautiful and expressive images for your brand, your business & your story ? Or simply for the joy of taking photographs ?

A simple beginners guide to using a DSLR camera and improving your photography. Spend the morning with Silkie Lloyd, photographer & co-founder of the Forge working on techniques that will really improve your photography. This simple workshop is suitable for beginner DSLR's users and is an ideal workshop for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their photography and master their camera.

Silkie Lloyd is a freelance photographer & illustrator and is the primary photographer for the Forge website & Instagram account. She has been taking photographs for 30 years.

Part of our creative business program - simple, affordable & timely workshops for designer makers, creatives, online shops owners & freelancers.